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If you are seeking information about our company or you want to buy on our website, you might want to know something more about us: what we do, who we are, our history and how we work.


  • King Barcelona is the result of daily work and passion for cycling.
  • King Barcelona has in the last six years, grown from a team of two people, to a team consisting of nine workers on staff, plus an additional external team.
  • In King Barcelona we have no vertical hierarchies, each employee is responsible for his department and any aspect discussed in a team.
  • King Barcelona is a European company and therefore its operation ... and so is our daily operating hours: Monday through Friday from 10:00 to 14:00 and from 16:00 to 20:00 without interruption, and on Saturdays from 10:00 to 14:00. In addition, a telephone hotline from 11 am to 16 pm, Monday through Friday. And an online support through our website (King 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  • King Barcelona is more than a neighborhood store: an online shop, a meeting point, official brand seminars and a communication platform ...
  • King Barcelona reflects the flexibility of a modern enterprise in the 21st century, constantly adapting to new challenges and new technologies.
  • Our internal multiculturalism is reflected in the way that we work and how we address any business aspect.
  • In King Barcelona we do not forget where we came from, who we are and where we are going.
  • Years go by but the customer service stays as the most important value of King Barcelona.
  • King Barcelona is cycling at its best.


We believe that in every occurance there's a purpose. And as Friedrich Schiller said, "There is no such thing as chance; and what seem to us merest accident springs from the deepest source of destiny."

And in our case, passion and work have formed what is now King Barcelona within the bicycle industry. When one has absolute dedication to success, everything in life is simple.

It all started six years ago when two industry colleagues met in the right place at the right time. Ferran Espel fell in love with the cycling world the moment he got his first bike as a kid and has since then not abandoned his passion which he has channelled into a business: "I think I had my first bike ride when I was nine or ten years old, and I have not stopped riding ever since. I love this sport and everything that surrounds the world of cycling. I started with the emergence of BMX in the late eighties, with the rise of mountain bikes, practicing every day... From this moment, a friend of mine who ran a bike shop really reinforced my passion, with cycling trips ... for me, cycling is undoubtedly instinctive, what more can I say " he explains.
Ferran Espel cycling Icelandic land
Meanwhile, Julio Fernandez entered the cycling industry by chance. Eight years working in the sector formed his career path to making it his profession.

At the time when Ferran and Julio met, the sector was booming. And they decided it was a good idea to start working together. While one had the experience of online sales the other one had a great product knowledge; a perfect alliance: "I ended up in the cycling industry by chance. I started working in an established company in the industry without any experience but with great willingness to learn. I worked my way up to greater and greater responsibility and finished in the after-sales department after eight years. Soon after leaving the company, I met with Ferran and we decided to create our own project ... with our own way of doing things. And so it began. "


In the beginning the passion and professionality found a balance in the two tireless entrepreneurs. To grow a business in a world where millions of people use their bike every day. So, in the spring 2006 they decided to launch a small shop in Barcelona. Although it was a relatively quick progression, beginnings are never easy. At first, it was needed to think how to get ahead: "I especially remember the first months of the company, we had virtually no stock ... so when we sold something we used that money to buy stocks. That was our "modus vivendi" (lifestyle) for a while. I remember when we drove to the office of our brands to collect material from there ... packed at the spot and sent directly the to the customer. That was our reality for a while. " says Ferran.
What was once an "adventure" of two partners, time has turned into something more than just a neighborhood store. Since its inception, both agreed that King Barcelona would be more than just that, with the same physical characteristics as a neighborhood store but with the overall business vision of an international business embracing new technologies that gave the company the ability to sell online:
King Barcelona lives are fully cycling, even in the office.
"It was obvious .. . we should leverage our knowledge and experience in IT. So selling online defined our project because it was where we really dominated. The neighborhood store has always been a part of King Barcelona but the it's where, initially, we had less experience. Eventually with the willingness to learn we got better and better at it. Currently the both sides of the same business run at the same speed: we continue to evolve and streamline the entire process online while the neighborhood shop works with a full customer service ... where people can ask, can try, see the latest products and have access to a face to face service, " says Julio.


Steady growth of daily operations introduced new challenges and called for rethinking the business model ... with a change to a new location, we had a template for growth and the introduction of new services. Two years later, in 2008, King Barcelona was a reality, with a foundation and a path of progression.
Our multidisciplinary team is always working together, exchanging ideas and knowledge.
As with any young and innovative company, reality dictated large and frequent changes, not only technological- that are obviously a constant in King Barcelona, but changes of all kinds: "In fact, the changes that occurred in the last three or four years -especially in online sales-have determined the way we work. In this sense, we believe that we have to adapt quickly, live in the present and see what will happen in the immediate future. We've never been afraid to change, " says Ferran.


Instinct had allied to the constancy of values that King Barcelona Service puts above all. Both believed in the policy of the business, the need for hard and consistant work every day, in order to continue to expand ...
View of the Service desks of the old King Barcelona shop
without losing sights of what's most important, the customer: "This is essential. We can not operate while there's a single unhappy customer out there. How we work is we understand that the customer must be informed of all movements in his order process until it reaches his home. Surely this is the defining aspect of our service that makes us different from other companies. Undoubtedly, we are " the enthusiastic" support team, " says Julio.


Thus, six years later, the company became a solid representative of the cycling world, working with the best brands in the industry, committed to product quality and the best service possible. Aware of the great technological changes that the world is facing, King Barcelona faces the future with optimism, working everyday on developing our technology ..., conscious of its continued expansion and the need to think freely without restricting the thoughts down to international borders. King Barcelona is not just a neighborhood store ... quite the opposite! In fact, the company decided from the outset to be modelled as an international project, with multilingual content (English, Spanish and French) of all its web products.
Tony Gallardo one of the riders of King Barcelona and Santi Millán photographed together with the participation of the Titan Desert 2012 Currently, King Barcelona is still moving in this direction, using the current technological possibilities for further growth globally without limitations: "Our experience and the fact that the world is connected, has made what is now King Barcelona possible: one global company! course, without losing the original essence of the business and participating in all kinds of events related to cycling in Sant Cugat del Vallès (Barcelona), where the store is currently located and the new offices, " concludes Ferran.


True, our main activity is the sale equipment to the rider, but King Barcelona also offer exceptional service to our customers shop, make presentations with leading brands in the industry, organized cycling trips and published daily from our blogBTT. com all news about mountain biking.


At the time King Barcelona was the pioneer of online sales of bicycles and cycling related components in Spain. Through the years and currently King Barcelona is a benchmark of online commerce worldwide.


King Barcelona has always remembered the neighborhood store located at Calle Pau Muñoz i Castanyer 16 - Local 4, in Sant Cugat del Vallès (Barcelona), where amateur and professional cyclists approach to our facility to test and evaluate with our sales team the best option for them.
Our new shop and office facilities inaugurated in February 2012


King Barcelona offers a professional service where our customers can get their bicycles repaired and tuned regularly. Nowadays we can boast of a highly experienced technical team and an effective workshop.Service professional bike shop, do not hesitate to contact our team


King Barcelona is much more than just a neighborhood store that sells bicycles ..., it is also a place for all cyclists who want to come with us on our cycling tours, to attend our seminars from major brands that are held in our facilities or simply to be connected to the latest cycling news through our
In King Barcelona we love enjoy cycling, clinics and other events with our customers and friends.


Todas nuestras transacciones online son seguras a través de los protocolos de seguridad de visa y Mastercard




Julio Fernandez Muns

Julio Fernandez Muns
Chief Executive Officer
Dept. of Strategy and Marketing

Ferran Espel López

Ferran Espel López
Chief Executive Officer
Dept. of Strategy and Marketing

Atli Holmgrimsson

Atli Holmgrimsson
Development & IT Department
Strategy and Marketing Department

Toni Jiménez

Toni Jiménez
Store Manager
Technical Department

Marc Royo Subirats

Marc Royo Subirats
Logistic Department

Cristian Torrella

Cristian Torrella
Department store and warranties

Elisenda Martín Corón

Elisenda Martín Corón
Administrative Management

Pep Zapata

Pep Zapata
Dto. Diseño y comunicación

Oriol Bruguera

Oriol Bruguera
Responsable Dto. Marketing

Carlos Cabello

Carlos Cabello
Responsable tienda

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